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Peach and Potato Curry with Spicy Beansprouts

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Sep. 28th, 2009 | 05:29 pm
location: Berkhamsted, UK
posted by: susannahclark in cookery

Basically cut 4 peaches into chunks, and four new potatoes boiled for 18 mins. Add one diced red pepper. The next bit I cheated and stirred in a curry paste (it was getting late).

Meanwhile (while the potatoes were boiling) I sliced up 2 red onions and fried in olive oil, and added a finely diced red chilli. Once the onion had caramelised, I put a third of that into the curry mix.

Then I added beanspouts to the frying pan and fried with the remaining onions and chilli.

One tasty meal, ready to eat. I think fresh apricots are even better than peach, but I couldn't get any, and I was surprised how well the sweet peach, potato and spiciness all went together.

Susannah's Crap Cookery: 2: Peach and Potato Curry

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