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Welcome to my Friendly Cookery Community!

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Aug. 23rd, 2009 | 08:02 pm
location: Berkhamsted, UK
posted by: susannahclark in cookery

Hiya everyone,

Welcome to Susannah's Friendly Cookery Community. I'm hoping you may help improve my cooking and the food I serve my guests because - basically - I'm a pretty crap cook and I really need ideas.

I'll be grateful for all sorts of recipe ideas - starters, soups, main courses, desserts, snacks, bread, just about anything really.

I'm a vegetarian myself so veggie recipes are particularly welcome, but I cook for non-veggie guests too, and anyway, I'd like this little community to be a resource not just for me but for others with all sorts of food tastes and level of ability.

Please assume the worst when it comes to my own ability, but nevertheless, I really do *love* cooking and cookery, and one of my favourite things is cooking nice meals for friends, and sharing good food, and chatting and laughing, and - just occasionally - someone may say "Oh Susannah, this food is... rather nice!"

So as my slogan says: "Bad food just got better!"

At least, if you could help me :) So go on, I just bet you have a recipe that really works for you! I'd love you loads if you'd share it. Thank you!

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