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Susannah's Friendly Cookery Community

"bad food just got better"

Susannah Clark
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Susannah invites you to help her crap cooking with ideas
Hi everyone. I am Susannah and basically I'm pretty crap at cooking but I really love it. I love asking friends round and trying out new recipes on them. I could really do with your help. If you have any really good meals / recipes that have worked for you, I'd love it if you could spare a minute to post them here. Also, if enough people join in then maybe this will become a good resource for other somewhat crap cooks like me, or even for good cooks and chefs to share ideas. One of my favourite things is good company and a shared meal. So if you have ideas for starters, main courses, desserts, bread, soup, anything: then I'd love to hear them.

One other thing: I cook for my friends so I'd love a range of vegetarian / non-vegetarian recipes. I myself am vegetarian, and also like to explore vegan recipes too.

With love from Susannah