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Apricot and Potato Curry

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Sep. 13th, 2009 | 09:28 pm
location: Berkhamsted, UK
posted by: susannah in cookery

Susannah's Sweet and Spicy Apricot and Potato Curry. Ta-daaa!

This was meant to be for my aunt but she didn't trust my cooking so she faked a stomach upset.

Basically I bought the base which was a spicy apricot tagine paste.

I fried up red onions in olive oil, then added the tagine paste and 5 tablespoons of water. Next came about 10 really sweet tomatoes. Then I feeled and de-pipped about 25 really fresh apricots and added those to the mixture. Meanwhile I'd boiled up 8 good-size new potatoes until they were almost cooked. These were then added to the mix with a few spices and peppers, and the whole thing has been simmering (and slowly finishing off the potatoes, basted in the spices) for about 90 minutes.

While this was simmering I cut up a nice salad, to which I'm going to add balsamic vinegar at the last minute. In a few minutes I will enjoy this meal with white wine I've had in the fridge all day.

You see, this meal was meant to be for my aunt but she was feeling unwell from an over-greasy breakfast on her way here, so she only wanted a slice of toast (maybe she remembers my crap cooking from the days I worked at her hotel...)

There should be enough left over for another whole meal tomorrow.

So it has been a "good" day today. I hope yours has been also.

Susannah's Crap Cookery: 1: Apricot and Potato Curry

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